Yearning to be a game designer? Dreaming of working as an expert at game designing? Well, then you are right on being here at MAAC.

We provide game design programs, game design courses that help you create a route for yourself in game design career.

You will learn more about creating fantastic world of gaming with characters that look more catchy and entertaining, with superhuman feats, excitingly wonderful and influential imagery. Our course content has been designed to you make not just perfect at game designing but to help you go on to create more wonderful career opportunities you look for.

Game Designing

Widen your vision to an industry that is growing by the minute. The world of gaming opens to young fiery minds opportunities like never before. MAAC’s special course in gaming animation like DGDI program in design and integration you can end up becoming a skillful game designer and be a part of booming industry.

Program in Game Design & Integration

Have you always had that idea for a game that can become the talk of the town ? Then it’s time to join the DGDI program to recreate and explore all those characters and concepts. This program covers all the aesthetic and technical aspects of game designing and makes its students job-ready.

Duration: 288 HRS

Career Options

  • 3D Game Design
  • Simulator Graphics
  • Web 3D Graphics
  • Interactive Product Demos
  • Interactive Architectural Walkthroughs
  • Game Testing
  • 3D game Modelling

Course Content

Sem I- CGDI: Certificate In Game Design

  • Basics of Art
  • Game Theory
  • Game Development Pipeline
  • Game Concept Art
  • Concept Design
  • Introduction to 3D
  • Pre-Visualization of Level Design
  • Texturinf in Games
  • Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting

Sem II- ACGAI: Advanced Certificate In Game Art & Integration

  • Environment Modeling
  • Rigging & Animation for Games
  • Stylised Character Modeling
  • Next-Gen Character Modeling
  • Next-Gen Vehicle Modeling
  • Introduction to Game Engine
  • Assest Integration into Game Engine
  • Portfolio Development

Softwares covered

Sem I- CGDI: Softwares Covered

  • Photoshop
  • 3ds Max
  • Mudbox

Sem II- ACGAI: Softwares Covered

  • Unity
  • 3ds Max
  • Mudbox